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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bianca Odinakachukwu Odumegwu-Ojukwu

~The SUN Nigeria. Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

"I am no longer young and I have learned much along the way. The fortress of my manhood is not yet completed but, what I have built so far is strong. Yet the purpose of a fortress is to protect and hold safely those things that are precious. If during the building a man loses and expends those things which he wishes to protect, then the finished fortress is a mockery. "

- Wilbur Smith, South African novelist.

Helena's famed beauty was not the type that awaited the beholder's interpretation. So overwhelming was her poise that the greatest powers of her era, Greece and Troy, had to sacrifice thousands of their young men for her claim. Beauty is a great advantage in the world. Strangers are more likely to do favours for physically attractive people. Ugly people get high sentences in criminal cases and lower damage awards on civil law suits.

Bianca Odinakachukwu Odumegwu-Ojukwu, a mother of some teenage children, is like Helena of Troy, the type of beauty that causes civil war among nations and at her peak was recorded as Nigerian most beautiful girl, went to the world beauty pageant. With that Cleopatra gait, Venus overflowing hair, eyes like Elizabeth Taylor, Bianca stepping before the camera could cause international conflagration amongst nation powers. Yet Bianca was not the star daughter of his Excellency, C.C. Onoh. It was her elder sister, who was returning from the United States on a December Christmas when her plane crashed at the Enugu airport and turned into a fireball. Amongst the passengers roasted in the air, include the whole family of four of Senator Offia Nwali. The late Senator lost his vivacious wife, Uche, and all the Nwali children in that burning plane. The then Governor of Anambra State was destabilised for he had lost his most accomplished daughter, a PhD intellectual superstar of the family. His misery was not abated for very soon the Buhari military putsch dismissed the Shagari NPN democracy.

We did not hear much about this buffeted family until the gods in their fortune guess extended it and favoured the up and coming Bianca Odinakachukwu. This Helena of our time emerged and was ordained Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 1988. Bianca Odinakachukwu before then read Law at UNN and proceeded to London, Yorkshire University. In between those times, this extra ordinary beauty would involuntarily act the goddess. On one occasion, Bianca decided to take a walk from the Coal city on her high heels to her Ngwo residence up there in the hills. Approaching dusk and causing commotion on the road, as drivers and passengers were thunderstruck by a sudden appearance of a "spirit goddess," flaunting along the high way her long hair, glittering alamanda colours, Bianca held spell bound, drivers, passengers, who couldn't imagine their eyes. Behold, there was a simmering goddess like silhouette, cutting into the approaching dusk.
Just as some of the travelers and the conductors were arming themselves with sticks and machetes to cut down the walking goddess spirit, amidst shouting and declaration of obu mammywater, Bianca Odinakachukwu was surrounded by his bewildered assailants. As the blows were about to descend on this goddess, her own cousin, who was among the charging, excited killing squad, recognised Bianca and was the first to grab her. 'She is not Mammywater....owu Bianca, please, don't!!' And so, the story would continue to the day when armed robbers hijacked her car and locked her up in the boot. Pursued by the Police, the Police opened the boot, only to declare the victim a spirit and as usual people were clustering in excitement to see and experience the extraordinarily transformed mammywater goddess. When as usual the people were lost over the excitement, the admiration, the armed robbers evaporated into thin air.....adi mu ndu?" Am I alive? ...was Bianca's exclamation, bringing the Police to believe that the uncommon beauty was human. As the Police was unraveling the mystery of this walking beautiful goddess, they found out that the robbers had disappeared.

These and many more are the fairytale stories of Bianca Odinakachukwu, who was Nigeria's beauty Queen married to the General of the Peoples' Army and into the billionaire Odumegwu-Ojukwu Empire. Bianca was the Nigerian Ambassador to Spain and in one of her most memorable assignments she preferred the King of Spain to present her Ambassadorial staff when she was announced as the Nigerian representative in Madrid. Having lost her mother who was her supporting pillar since her trials and conquests in life, it is assumed that Bianca Odinakachukwu is now at the thresholds. This is the time to take stock.

Bianca at this stage, would have to make some decisions. Would she ever get remarried like Jacqueline Kennedy? Will she like her late husband impact on the youths, her community and her people? What were her legacies as the Ambassador to Spain, a great Catholic Christian congregation? What about her fledging political party, the APGA? Many a time she would abandon most undiplomatically her brief in Madrid to join issues and participate in partisan politics at home. Now that the party has no intellectual compass, and she is available, why would she not act Peron to salvage the boat that is fast shrinking the party into a one state organisation? Who will advise the beautiful Amazon that having been brought up in a family of politics and turmoil and having married into an empire, what she is going through now is expected.

There is usually no harmonious accord in sharing the inheritance after the demise of an emperor! Check the families of Okotie Eboh, the Abiolas, etc. the courts take long in giving their verdicts. On the way, at the same time, whatever is the verdict, that family as a unit never recovers from the bitterness and the deadly rancour that precede the final court orders. Would Bianca save the Ojukwu family from prevalent family feud, disgraceful mudslinging? Donning her diplomatic garb can sue for peace?

The Ojukwu wealth and empire is so suffocating and would be enough for every member to partake in. Having ensured peace at home, Bianca Odinakachukwu would match into on new corridors of power, badgered in the Ojukwu iconic colours and attempt leading from the doldrums the APGA from Aba the spirit heartland of the Igbo. She is the only one who would be able to re-invite the great Governor Peter Obi back to the party that made him and to the same party he con tributed more than enough.

Peter Obi has no business in the byzantine politics that is the PDP. Peronistic Bianca Odinakachukwu, as the leader will now exploit her diplomatic legacies while she was in Madrid. Bianca Odinakachukwu, "you are no longer young, you have been gifted by the gods and the fortress of your life like Wilbur Smith said, can no longer be subjected to any further mockery. Like Mrs. Peron prayed Argentina, do not cry for me!"

Before the buggling NFF went to Spain, we had prepared a paper to our former Ambassador, urging her to bring the Spanish Liga to the Biafran giddy youths. We were concerned that these utopian youths were bent to go all the way and we thought the mistake of Bianca's husband of confronting headlong a more equipped adversary would lead to unnecessary spilling of blood. What is wrong, I asked Ijele Uwazuluike in moving the boys to Abakilki Afikpo rice plantations and introducing football thereby making the rice farming more youth friendly?

Bianca Odinakachukwu, "you are no longer young, you have been gifted by the gods and the fortress of your life like Wilbur Smith said, can no longer be subjected to any further mockery. Like Mrs. Peron prayed Argentina, do not cry for me!"
Re: Bianca Odinakachukwu Odumegwu-Ojukwu
~The SUN Nigeria. Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

I was employed by the Daily Star, Enugu, after topping my class at the Jackson College, UNN. 1984 December, we saw the burning plane and I ran to the airport. I was the first reporter to talk with the Ghanaian Pilot and the only other surviving passenger, a Yoruba man, who jumped from the window of the doomed aircraft. "I was so sure I was jumping to my death.... but it took so long before I landed on the ground and beside me was my daughter whom I was escorting from Lagos to start schooling at the Federal Unity College, Enugu," he told me. "Apparently, my daughter joined me in that faithful jump into the unknown." The name of Bianca's sister, who died with all the other passengers, was Dr. Josephine Onoh. Emma Okocha, I can testify told a true story.
-Joshua Iwebuka, Publisher, Knight Magazine.

In the company of the late Senator Offia Nwali, we watched at the lounge the burning to ashes of his wife and his four little children. That spectacle stayed on with the late Senator until his death few months ago. The mystery of the whole calamity remained unraveled, as the other surviving passenger, Mr. Anazonwu, and the Ghanaian pilot all were to die in separate auto crashes. What I saw at the airport is my own eye witness account to collaborate the enchanting piece that was Bianca Odumegwu-Ojukwu. Of the other spiritual excursion of the beautiful Odinakachukwu, I cannot risk throwing my hat. All the same, if it is true that our Helena transformed to a mammywater, then Emma Okocha would indeed be congratulated for his acuity. But if it is not true that this lady could conjure the powers of the supernatural and hold all in trance, drivers, passengers and readers, then give it to this genius, an artist who is creating characters that are believable. –Okosisi, Lawson Lagos.

"Bianca had started to chart her course to stardom (possessing a rare combination of virtues) before meeting Ikemba. After Ikemba, she would not be the same again. There are names that simply don't fade into oblivion; for their associated great deeds. Put differently, behind all great names are great deeds! All great deeds have their historical antecedents and significantly impact/change the course of history and world views. Names are revered because of the great personalities and deeds associated with them; and with lasting memorials.

All widows automatically belong to God. He cares for them; sustains and takes care of their needs (Ex. 22:22; 1 Cor. 7:8; 1 Tim. 5:3; Jas. 1:27). I hate to think that a widow, unmindful of all, avails herself for the highest "bidder." The late Matriarch, H.I.D. Awolowo, did not remarry, following the death of Chief Obafemi Awolowo (mindful of the status of her late husband and the associated acclaim). Your description of her party, APGA, as "lacking intellectual compass" is so true and regrettable. I would urge you and other Igbo elite, who believe in Ikemba's vision for APGA and the Igbo, to use your column and writings to educate on the present leadership of the party, on the need to grow on the vision and mission of the founder of the party, and stop projecting their personal selfish egos. -Barrie Atuona, Abuja
Emma, the imagery you brought to bear on the write-up on her Excellency - Bianca Odumegwu-Ojukwu was amazing. By that, you belong to the Pantheon of Chaucer of our time. You are indeed a worthy member of the Jackson College of Journalism of UNN. -Chief Iheanocha

I just want to commend you for this wonderful write-up on Daily Sun newspaper on the 10th of August, 2016, captioned; "Bianca Odinakachukwu Odumegwu-Ojukwu." Honestly, akpata oyi wuru m after reading it. You are indeed gifted. I pray to also improve in my own romantic writings. -Anene A. Maduechesi

PDP: The burden of Nigeria's greatest political party
Political appointment in Nigeria is seen by the appointer, as an invitation to come and eat: To the appointee, it is a ticket to escape poverty forever. PDP surrounded itself with political gluttons and, therefore, lost focus, legacy and direction.
-Rev. M. J. Gold

Bonjour, Amuma Ndi Ibo/Niger, just read your thunderbolt "PDP burden....." Well encapsulated; aligns with your young Bismarck listened to the young Tafawa Balewa, who had come with lofty ideas but got chased out by old man Clark and the Ogogoroman of the creeks.

In other words, despite all of Zik's heroic international diplomatic initiatives and overtures, the Gowon Government never ever made any inch of concession in form willingness to revisit the Aburi Accord! When Enahoro in his old age came to repentance, and joined the cause of self-determination, he acknowledged this fact.
-Chris Ike

Col. Adekunle Fajuyi in July 29 coup
Emma, no matter what Danjuma, Jerry boy Useni, Junaid Mohammed and the rest of them will say, it will not change the truth, motive and facts of the action of Jan 15, 1966 and the revanchist bloodbath of July 29.

It is pertinent to note that no Nigerian soldier from the North ever received any recognition for professional excellence internationally. They have only excelled in mindless killings and coup plotting. It is only the northern Generals that became billionaires after retirement. I await your coming book. Don't forget to send copies to me.

Can you try and convince Prof. Akinyemi to go with you to General Danjuma and (the driver) Jerry Boy, for the true story of 1969; in fact, Tony Momo can join you. We are tired living in error, e.g. books like My Command, etc.
In your interesting piece, Fajuyi in July 29 coup.... Northern rage has refused any consolation. Please, state appeasement offers to North as consolation.
Sqn Ldr S. Lawal (rtd)

The Federal Ministry of Information issued a statement on Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu in the 60s. Find it in "Africa Who is Who" by Raph Uwaechue's firm. Please, re-issue it. -Mike Ogwu

Please, read The News Magazine of June and July 2016. Parts 1 and 2. You may have to react to some of the issues raised.
-Dr. Sam

Thank you for the wonderful piece on the column, ON THE NIGER, on the issue of the July 29, 1966 coup. People like you should not allow the truth to die. Keep up. May the good Lord continue to increase your wisdom in history and writing!
-Apostle S.J. Nwachukwu, Christ Army International Movement

I told you that Nigeria is the spiritual reality of God. As a Catholic, what can you say of the Jesus-like image, that appeared at Saint Augustine's Church, Nenger, Makurdi.

-Solomon U. C.

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I am an Igbo, I was born an Igbo, I live the life of an Igbo, I come from Igbo, I speak Igbo, I like to be Igbo, I like to dress in Igbo, I eat Igbo food, my heritage, culture and tradition is Igbo, my parents are Igbo.

Am sorry I cannot help it if you hate my lineage. Am sorry I cannot help it if you detest Igbo, am sorry I cannot help it if you hate me because am Igbo. Igbo is who I am, my name is Igbo and I must die an Igbo.

You see Igbo as a threat, why? You call Igbo rapist, criminals, ritualist, prostitutes, kidnappers. You attribute all negative vices to represent Igbo? Why do you do that? You do because you feel threatened that Igbo might outrun the rest of the tribes. Why do you hate Igbo and despise us? You do that because we are creative, enlightened, hardworking, industrious, genius, intelligent, smart, rich, beautiful and amazing. But its difficult for you to admit it because you feel jealous of my race.

Igbo do not own politics, Igbo do not control the economy neither do we control the natural resources and the common wealth of the nation. You do, we don't and yet, despite the fact that you own everything, we still remain one indispensable race that has outshined the other race in all ramifications.

You fear us because you want to exterminate and annihilate our race, you deny us many things and yet we are stronger, richer and mightier. You fear us because we are everywhere. You fear us because no matter how rural a place might be, when Igbo steps in, they turn it into a Paradise. We have our own resources, which lies in resourcefulness, we do not bother you and your control over the polity, but yet when we cough you and the other race begin to shiver.

Am proud being an Igbo, am proud of my heritage and culture. Igbo means high class, Igbo means independence, Igbo means hard work and strength, Igbo means riches, Igbo means resourcefulness, Igbo means self belonging, Igbo means self esteem, Igbo means pride, Igbo means swag.

Udo diri unu umunnem.
# IgboAmaka
# AnyiBuNdiMmeri

Michael Ezeaka

This is beautiful poetry ...

In response to Alaba Ajibola, the Babcock Lecturer Hate Speech against Igbos.


In Igboland women live apart from their husbands and neither cook for them nor enter their husband's quarters when they are in their period. They are seen as unclean. Even up till today such practice is still applicable in some parts of Igboland especially by the traditionalists. Before a woman can enter the palace of Obi of Onitsha, she will be asked if she is in her period, if yes, she will be asked to stay out.

Leviticus 15: 19-20
When a woman has her monthly period, she remains unclean, anyone who touches her or anything she has sat on becomes unclean.

An Igbo man's ancestral heritage, called “Ana Obi” is not sellable, elders will not permit this. If this is somehow done due to the influence of the West the person is considered a fool and is ostracized by the community.

1 Kings 21:3
I inherited this vineyard from my ancestors, and the Lord forbid that I should sell it, said Naboth.

Igbos have practiced the taking of a late brother's wife into marriage after she had been widowed until the white men came. Now it is rarely done but except in very rural villages.

Deuteronomy 25:5
A widow of a dead man is not to be married outside the family; it is the duty of the dead man's brother to marry her.

In Igboland, there is a unique form of apprenticeship in which either a male family member or a community member will spend six (6) years (usually in their teens to their adulthood) working for another family. And on the seventh year, the head of the host household, who is usually the older man who brought the apprentice into his household, will establish (Igbo: idu uno) the apprentice
by either setting up a business for him or giving money or tools by which to make a living.

Exodus 21:2
If you buy a Hebrew slave, he shall serve you for six years. In the seventh year he is to be set free without having to pay you anything.

In Igboland , the yam is very important as it is their staple crop. There are celebrations such as the New yam festival (Igbo: Iri Ji) which are held for the harvesting of the yam. New Yam festival (Igbo: Iri ji) is celebrated annually to secure a good harvest of the staple crop. In the olden days it is an abomination for one to eat a new harvest before the festival. It's a tradition that you give the gods of the land first as a thanksgiving.

Deuteronomy 16:9
Count 7 weeks from the time that you begin to harvest the crops, and celebrate the harvest festival to honor the lord your God, by bringing him a freewill offering in proportion to the blessing he has given you. Celebrate in the Lord's presence together with your children, servants, foreigners. Be sure that you obey my command, said the Lord.

In Igboland it's a tradition that the male children are circumcised on the 8th day. This tradition is still practiced till date.

Leviticus 12:3
On the eighth day, the child shall be circumcised.

In Igboland, there is a practice known as "ile omugwo ". After a woman has given birth to a child, a very close and experienced relative of hers, in most cases her mother is required by tradition to come spend time with her and her husband. During which she is to do all the work of the wife, while the new mom's only assignment to the baby will be to breastfeed. This goes on for a month or more. In the Igbo old tradition, at this time, the new mom lives apart from her husband, would not cook or enter his quarters.

Leviticus 12:1-4
For seven days after a woman gives birth, she is ritually unclean as she is during her monthly period. It will be 33 days until she is ritually clean from the loss of blood; she is not to touch anything that is holy.


The Igbo tribe is in a serious problem and danger of extinction for the following reasons:

50% of Igbos are born outside Igbo land. Meaning that those children are not likely to live and work in Igbo land and cannot speak Igbo language but foreign language (Yoruba, Hausa, French, English).

40% of Igbos girls between the age of 25 & 45 are single with no hope of marriage because 35% of Igbo boys live overseas and they have all married white ladies.

75% of Igbo youths leave Igbo land every year in search of opportunities in Yoruba, Hausa land or overseas.

85 % of Igbos have family houses and own investments outside Igbo land. They strongly believe in one Nigeria but failed to know that NO Yoruba or Hausa man has a family house or investment in Igbo land.

Igbos are the only people who believe that living outside their land is an achievement.

Igbos are the only tribe that celebrate their tradition outside their land e.g. Eze Ndi Igbo, Igbo Village in America and this is because they have family homes in foreign lands.

Igbos have failed to know that the children you have outside Igbo land especially overseas will never think of living in Igbo land. So what happens to the properties you are building for them when you are gone?

Igbos are the only tribe who see their land as a place to visit or a tourist site than a place to work and live.

Igbos are the only tribe who instead of promoting and appreciating their culture through movies and documentaries they have sought to ridicule it by portraying rituals, killings, wickedness, love for money and other social vices which were not originally inherent in our culture thereby cursing more harm than actually promoting their culture.

Igbos are the only people who without hesitation believe their history and description when it is told or written by an enemy or a foreigner. E.g. that you do not love yourselves or that you love money.

Igbos are the ONLY largest tribe on earth who fought for their independence and failed to achieve their freedom after 40 years.

Igbos are the only tribe who fails to honour their brave heroes and heroines especially the innocent children starved to death during the Biafran war.

Igbos are the only tribe who embraced their enemy after a bloody civil war and subsequently become slaves.

Igbos do not find it necessary to teach their own version of history to their children.

Igbos fight for marginalisation in Nigeria but has no collective strength or teeth to bite.

Igbos how long are you going to fight for your relevance in Nigeria?

How long are you going to fight for a functional airport, rail networks and other structural establishments that underpin sustainable development?

How long are you prepared to wait for your enemy to guide you to your destiny?

Oh Igbos!
Where are your leaders?

Unfortunately, none of them live and work in Igbo land. If you wish to save the future of your children, your identity, your generation and your race then you need freedom and that freedom is Biafra.

Ukpana Okpoko gburu bu nti chiri ya!

By Chime Eze

The Igbo: We die for causes, not for personalities

Written by Emeka Maduewesi

~on fb. 28th September, 2016.

The Igbo will never die for anyone. We will not even riot for anyone. But the Igbo will die for any cause they believe in because the Igbo have a true sense of justice and a determination to obtain it.

The Igbo will not riot because one of their own lost an election. Operation Wetie was the Western response to a massively rigged 1965 election. The Yoruba doused fellow Yorubas in petrol and burnt them alife. Properties were burnt with occupants. The Igbo will never do this.

In 1983, the Yoruba went on a rampage again over the massive rigging by NPN. Lifes were lost and properties destroyed. The riots were over personalities.

Contrast that with Anambra State where Chief Emeka Ojukwu was rigged out by his own NPN, who also rigged out Chief Jim Nwobodo. The Igbo did not protest because the goat's head is still in the goat's bag.

In the North, ba muso was the battle cry when Sultan Dasuki was imposed on the Sokoto Caliphate. The riot and protest lasted for days and crippled economic activities.

The Igbo will riot over issues and causes. The Aba Women Riot was over Tax. The Enugu coal mine riot was about conditions of service. The Ekumeku Uprising was over British colonialization.

Those of "Ekumeku" ancestry - Umu Eze Chima and Umu Nri - were at the forefront of the struggles for Nigerian independence, with people like Dr. A A Nwafor Orizu and Chief Osita Agwuna serving prison terms. Any struggles the parents could not conclude is continued by the children by other means.

The Biafran war was a response to the genocide. The war in fact was brought upon us. The battlefield was Eastern Region. The war ended in 1970 but the issues and causes were not resolved. That is where we are today.

The Igbo will also jointly rise to fight evil in their midst. They did it in Onitsha in the 1980's, Owerri in the 90's, and with Bakkassi in the 2000.

The Igbo will not die for any man. But the Igbo will stand by any man who symbolizes their cause and their pursuit of justice. Even if the man dies, the struggle continues, and like the Ekumeku warriors, the children will pick up the baton from their parents.

This is the Igbo I know, the Igbo I am, and the Igbo we are. This is my story. Feel free to tell yours.


"My boy, may you live to your full potential, ascend to a dizzy height as is possible for anyone of your political description in your era to rise. May you be acknowledged world-wide as you rise as an eagle atop trees, float among the clouds, preside over the affairs of fellow men.... as leaders of all countries pour into Nigeria to breathe into her ear.

But then, Chuba, if it is not the tradition of our people that elders are roundly insulted by young men of the world, as you have unjustly done to me, may your reign come to an abrupt and shattering close. As you look ahead, Chuba, as you see the horizon, dedicating a great marble palace that is the envy of the world, toasted by the most powerful men in the land, may the great big hand snatch it away from you. Just as you look forward to hosting the world’s most powerful leader and shaking his hands, as you begin to smell the recognition and leadership of the Igbo people, may the crown fall off your head and your political head fall off your shoulders.

None of my words will come to pass, Chuba, until you have risen to the very height of your power and glory and health, but then you will be hounded and humiliated and disgraced out of office, your credibility and your name in tatters forever...”


Biafra Videos: Explosive secret about Biafra...

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